SAP SLCM on KCloud for an Education Major Case Study

SAP SLCM on KCloud for an Education Major Case Study will talk about the business situation of a prominent university in the Middle East, and also why they chose KCloud for implementing SAP SLCM on the cloud.

Business Situation:

The client, established in 1980, is a leading university in the Middle East, governed by the GCC (Gulf Cooperative
Countries). With a deep-rooted belief system surrounding the importance of a university education, the client perseveres to satisfy the needs of the GCC in terms of various occupational fields tethered to the society. Additionally, their focus on fundamental regional issues like health, environment, science and human development.

KCloud, with a highly experienced team involved in complex projects, has a comprehensive understanding of the business process and requirements. As a result, we proposed SAP SLCM solution as the best fit solution for the client, which will fulfill all the current and future business requirements of the university.


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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • No Integration between various departments such as Human Resources, Finance, and Quality
  • Involvement of manual processes and error correction methods
  • Limited contribution for Quality process Accreditation
  • Heavy dependency on the individuals who built the legacy system even for minor changes
  • Elevated costs for critical resources

Why SAP SLCM? (Student Life Cycle Management)

  • SAP SLCM is designed for Higher Education & Research to provide an integrated student lifecycle management and also, support business processes.
  • It is used for maintaining student records, student financials, recruitment and admission, student advising,
    academic structure, and class schedule as well as academic services for teaching and research.

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Reduced paperwork with better focus on education
  • End-to-end delivery of the complete set of solutions by KCloud
  • Consequently, integration with various departments is achieved
  • SAP Fiori based applications for Students, Faculties and top management with seamless features
  • Web-based application for complying quality assurance process for University Accreditation
  • Finally, Increased Collaboration of academic and administrative information

You can Download the full Case Study here.

If you are looking to host on KCloud and require a consultation on the licenses or implementation, contact us here.

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