SAP Business ByDesign 1805 Release Highlights – Part 2/3

SAP Business ByDesign – the Cloud ERP for SMEs is wholesome ‘Suite-in-a-Box’ for fast-growing enterprises. Being a SaaS product, SAP Business ByDesign uses a subscription-based model which is inclusive of regular updates from SAP. These updates happen during the months of February, May, August and November. Accordingly, May 2018 saw the much awaited 1805 release of SAP Business ByDesign. This release includes the addition of many features and improvisation of many others. The following are a couple of areas the 1805 release has improved.

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Supplier Relationship Management

What’s new in 1805?

Let’s find out!

Customer Relationship Management:

Maintain marketing permissions for phone, mail or other channels

SAP Business ByDesign is capable of running marketing campaigns and maintaining the responses received. We simply have to select the target group we want, and run campaigns. With the 1805 release, we can now empower Sales and marketing employees to include, exclude or check the Contacts and Private Accounts before running a campaign. This feature will help Sales and Marketing employees to run multiple campaigns for the same target group by simply excluding or including Contacts and Private Accounts as and when required.

Credit limit Check for Service Orders

Credit Limit is the maximum amount of credit, an enterprise extends to their customers. It is a must-have feature for many Enterprises. It is important for the sales employee to check if the customer is within the credit limit. Only then can a Sale Order be Created.

With the 1805 release, SAP Business ByDesign has now extended this functionality to Service Orders as well. Employees can now track the credit limit of the Customer in Service Orders as well.

Non-Billable flag for Service Orders

With the 1805 release, it is now possible in SAP Business ByDesign to assign a non-billable item in the initial screen. This was otherwise done by clicking the ‘View All’ button first. It is now available as a flag in the Line Item display. This Checkbox can now help you exclude the product from the Service order in the form of a Non-Billable Item.


Timezone has now been added along with the Start and End Date of Contracts.

Supplier Relationship Management:

Transfer Shopping Cart to Another Employee

SAP Business ByDesign has the functionality for employees to have a shopping cart. Employees can request for products from within the system. But what happens when an employee is leaving the company or is on a long-term leave?

With the 1805 release, SAP Business ByDesign now has to ability to transfer shopping carts from one employee to another. It can also be transferred multiple times. The new employee can perform activities like confirmation of delivery and cancellation

Maintain Delivery Schedule Lines on Purchase Order

A common practice in multiple industries is to purchase certain quantities at different dates for the same product or service. With the 1805 Release, SAP Business ByDesign can maintain the Delivery Schedules for Purchase Orders. It is now possible to maintain delivery schedule line information directly during the creation of Purchase Orders. It is also possible to update the schedule lines after the delivery has started.

Yet again, SAP has made Business ByDesign better with the 1805 release. In conclusion, the improved features only raise the excitement and expectation of the 1808 release.

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