Superior Warehouse Management with SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD), a cloud ERP solution helps to synchronize the warehouse and manufacturing tasks and gives more control over the execution. It also helps to consolidate, and merge warehouse, production, and quality assurance operations as needed. SAP ByD empowers compact integration of manufacturing processes and inventory management as well as inbound, outbound, and internal logistics. As a result, manufacturers can make and move goods more efficiently. 

warehouse management

Business Runs Better

The production and warehouse tasks become symmetrical and synchronized. The common model of manufacturing and warehouse processes within the SAP ByD solution allows companies to execute tasks within production and warehousing in similar ways. So that, manufacturers can decide where tasks, such as light assembly, replenishment, or removal, should be completed – within your factory, within your warehouse, or within both. Symmetrical process modelling in execution also makes the logistics teams more flexible. Since SAP ByD presents different tasks in similar ways, employees can easily handle a wider range of tasks.

Changing needs are easily supported

As the company grows, SAP ByD grows with it and flexibly adapts to the company’s needs change. With SAP ByD, manufacturers can easily adjust the organization’s warehouse structure, production layouts, processes, or level of automation as needed. For example, one can start with a lean warehouse implementation and can enhance the warehouse layout at a later stage using sophisticated bin management. SAP ByD supports even the smallest changes in process steps to accommodate changes in daily business operations.

Utilize and increase automation when needed

SAP ByD flexibly supports the level of automation that makes sense for the company – and can increase automation when needed. The solution supports both the manual creation and release of orders and a fast-track approach in automating process steps. SAP ByD supports both paper-based and paperless production on the shop floor. The manufacturers can decide when and where to use automation, bar-code readers, mobile devices, or electronic instructions to confirm tasks.

Better – identify, handle, and trace inventory

SAP ByD authorizes a uniquely traceable inventory to handle all the stock differently depending on the production environment and the purpose. It enables access to more detailed information, such as expiration and production dates, in inventory units, whether batches or lots. SAP ByD supports handling of logistics units, which can contain one or multiple types of products. Thus, providing an alternate method of viewing and monitoring inventory.Cloud ERP for free

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