Retain and attract your top-performers with SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management

Compensation plays a vital role in any organization to retain top performers and increase workforce productivity. Right compensation makes the employees feel valued and motivate them to deliver good results. But, rewarding the outstanding performance with the right compensation is not an easy task. Hence, SAP SuccessFactors Compensation provides a simple, secure and timely approach to compensation management that helps the organization to recognize, attract and retain their top performers.

Timely Recognition

When employees perform well, SAP SuccessFactors compensation management makes it easy for the organization to recognize and reward their employees at the same moment from mobile with the help of easy to use interface. SAP SuccessFactors motivates employees with timely recognition and motivate them to retain their high performance.

Better Budget Utilization

Managing compensation is one of the expensive parts of a growing organization. SAP SuccessFactors compensation management helps organization to make the best use of their budgets. It links employee performance and business productivity with compensation to save the overall budget spent by the organization. This is done by comparing employee performance across the team rewarding the good achievements instantly with spot bonuses and rewards.

Increased Visibility

SAP SuccessFactors compensation management helps organization to give a transparent and more visible compensation to their employees. SAP SuccessFactors compensation statements allows managers to easily communicate pay adjustments and give employees access to their compensation details. Organizations can now inform the eligibility criteria and potential bonus plans to their employees with configurable compensation pay statements.

Global Compensation Plans

SAP Successfactors helps organizations manage and plan across multiple locations and boundaries with comprehensive compensation analytics ensuring compliance with local objectives and policies. It also makes the organization to view consolidated reports such as roll-ups and currency conversion across the globe simulating the impact of different compensation scenarios for accurate budget planning. It also uses calibration to ensure fair compensation that aligns performance with bonus payouts to instill a true pay-for-performance culture.

Thus,  SAP SuccessFactors recognize employees at any time and helps organization create a happy work culture which increases employee engagement. SAP SuccessFactors compensation management empowers your employee to perform at their best. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management System, download our whitepaper which encloses the way to “Make your Compensation Management a motivational key to drive business results”.



Mohasina Shahir

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