Why should you switch over to Cloud ERP ASAP?

ERP solutions for an organization used to mean dusty server rooms with an endless maze of wires and switches. These usually require excessive IT teams to maintain and run. All that is changing now, as more and more organizations are switching over to Cloud ERP systems.

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There are a number of reasons as to why these Cloud ERP systems are so much more attractive for large and small companies alike, so let’s just take a look at some of them.


A number of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning tools have been built into the Cloud ERP system. These tools enable the system to fine tune itself depending on everyday use, adapt and prepare itself for an impending situation.

Studies have shown that by 2020 most professionals will spend more time talking to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than to their spouses. So it makes sense that we adopt AI and work it into the ERP systems. Moreover, these systems update themselves depending on what’s newly made available to it, keeping them competitive and updated.


Cloud ERP can be implemented equally, easily to an organization with 2 employees or 200,000 employees. This flexibility, which implies that with slight modifications we can utilize a single ERP system for small, medium and large-scale organizations. This is a very important feature, making it applicable to every organization.


Cloud ERP systems don’t require the user to pay up-front for a given time frame. Rather, the user pays only for how much they’ve actually used up in the given time frame, which may range from a day to even a month. This saves a lot of expenses for the organization because over time. The extra capital spent in paying for resources that haven’t been utilized add up and become a much larger sum

Security and Disaster Recovery

Clouds are a lot easier to secure rather than on-premises data centres, immediately making the data safer. Moreover, usually, multiple clouds are operational simultaneously. In case something catastrophic occurs (natural disaster, terror attack or a power outage), we can link your organization to one of the other clouds that are still in operation. So that, a new link will be established automatically and the organization’s operations can continue as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, switching over to Cloud ERP would be the best thing you could do for your company. This not only optimizes your operations but also greatly relieves finances that may be spent on maintenance or security.

SAP has over 40 years of experience in handling ERP operations of various organizations of all sizes. It is also one of the handful premium options available in implementing these Cloud ERP systems in an organization, either from scratch or in switching over from on-premises ERP.

Now, have a closer look at the whitepaper and know how SAP can make your business process easier.

Savitha Babu

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