How can you provide accurate and fair performance assessments with SAP SuccessFactors performance & goals management

Employee Performance plays a major role in creating a competitive advantage for a successful business. To increase the organizational competitiveness, it is important to improve the overall performance of your workforce. At the same time, it is also necessary to find out the high performers and reward them with appraisals to keep them motivated. SAP SuccessFactors Performance and goals helps organizations to use powerful and streamlined evaluation tools which provide fair employee assessments to identify the top performers of the organization.

SAP SuccessFactors performance assessments evaluate the value and impact of your workforce by

  • Gaining holistic performance insights into your workforce
  • Evaluating performance accurately and objectively
  • Recognizing top performers in your organization

Visual Performance Reviews

SAP SuccessFactors provides meaningful and visual performance reviews through performance review forms which gives the managers a clean layout with a simple configurable roadmap. By this, managers are able to track the action of each employee and provide meaningful feedback and coaching individually. Managers can also gain valuable insights about each employee whenever they needed. SAP SuccessFactors performance assessments also enables managers to assess the teams and compare one employee with another across the entire team in terms of competencies.


Another powerful feature about SAP SuccessFactors performance assessments is calibration which provides simple and automated process to ensure accurate performance appraisals. It allows managers to do comparisons between the employees and adjust ratings accordingly. When performing calibration session, managers can also access employee achievements that have been captured through continuous performance management.

Thus, SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals management increases the efficiency of your  performance evaluation system by

  • Making the review process easy with writing assistants, configurable review routing, and e-mail integration for reminders and deadlines.
  • Providing timely and comprehensive feedback which incorporates peer review, self-ratings, and upward assessments for feedback at all levels.
  • Identifying hidden strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint skills, competency gaps, reward drivers, and other performance trends.
  • Assessing performance objectively which analyzes and compares performance across teams and geographic locations.
  • Calibrating employee performance with SAP SuccessFactors Compensation to instill a pay-for-performance culture.

Thus, SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals aims to provide fair and efficient performance assessments to appreciate the top performers. This will, in turn, motivate them and get the best out of people every day. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management, download our whitepaper which encloses“Why it is time to reframe your performance management system”.






Mohasina Shahir

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