Get the best performance from your employees with SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management

Business is happening faster than ever and most organizations say that managing performance is no longer be once a year event. To meet today’s business need, SAP SuccessFactors provides continuous performance and goals management which gives regular feedback and coaching that make employees engaged and also focused to perform at their best.

SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals management helps organizations to bring employees and managers together so that they can easily discuss and engage to give high performance and meet their goals. With SAP SuccessFactors continuous performance management, companies can now build a culture of feedback and performance improvement, improve employee engagement and increase their business productivity. SAP SuccessFactors continuous performance management :

  • Ensure employee’s current work is always aligned with the goals
  • Improve employee performance through valuable feedback and coaching
  • Recognize and develop individuals and teams.

SAP SuccessFactors continuous performance management is available as desktop applications which allows employees to track and prioritize their activities. It also helps them to update their daily activities to their managers  to get the right guidance they needed. By this managers can provide timely feedback and coaching so that employees understand the value they bring to the organization. Thus, managers can make employees improve their further achievements.

With continuous performance management, employees can request feedback on their achievements from any anyone in the organization at any time. These regular feedbacks makes a way to keep employees stay more engaged and increase their productivity.

Continuous performance and goals management improve employee performance by

  • Facilitating more structured one-on-one meetings to keep track of their activities and achievements to do performance conversations with their managers.
  • Ensuring daily work aligns with goals which encourage employees to plan and prioritize their work.
  • Providing timely feedback which provides performance insight to the employees to take more meaningful and effective action.
  • Coaching employees towards higher performance by developing employee strengths and competencies which are relevant to their daily work
  • Simplifying performance reviews and capturing achievements throughout the year to prepare for end-of-year formal assessment.

Thus, SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals management helps employees reach their full potential to increase organizational productivity. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management, download our whitepaper which encloses “Why it is time to reframe your performance management system”.






Mohasina Shahir

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