Visa Management for SAP Customers in GCC Region

Visa Management for employees is one of the pain areas for the Administration department of private sectors in the GCC region. Since more than 50% of workers in the GCC regions are expats, their contracts need to be renewed every few years as per the Ministry of Interiors (MOI) laws in the respective countries. The employee count and the size of the HR department determine the workloads of the administration department. Various subsequent activities are to be performed by other departments like finance, payroll, and HR. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a completely automated workflow cycle to ease the Visa process. This can be achieved with the help of an SAP ERP implementation. Visa registration for the candidates during the pre-onboarding stage of the recruitment process also follows a similar process as visa renewals.

Visa Management includes two types of processes:

  1. Visa renewals for the employees/dependents
  2. Visa registration for the candidates/dependents

Common Visa Management Activities

  • Visa Quota Management
  • Visa Expiry Monitoring and Alerts
  • Visa Application Printing
  • Visa Charges/Expense Approvals/Reconciliation
  • Master Data Maintenance and Document Management
  • Visa Request from employees for dependents

Visa Management with an SAP ERP Package

In an SAP ERP Solution, a country-specific Visa Management solution is given for customers in the GCC region. The following processes can be executed using the same:

  • Generate request forms which are required by the government in various scenarios such as applying for visa quotas, extending quota approvals or for visa validity.
  • Store visa application requests and details of individual visas.
  • Allocate visas to expatriate employees or reserve it for candidates who are yet to be hired.

This SAP standard visa management workbench covers only part of the above-mentioned activities. The remaining parts are handled outside the SAP system.

A Solution by Kaar

The automated custom SAP solution prepared by Kaar Technologies can be customized to some extent as per the needs of the customer in various counties in the GCC regions.

1. Visa Quota Management

Any private company in the GCC region has to have an approved amount of quotas from their ministry to place the expats in their working space. Quotas are categorized based on gender, nationality and employment positions. Each ministry defines a set of employment positions/designations for the employees which have to be linked with the company’s employee master data in order to obtain a report on the used and open quotas. In the case of recruitments, the quotas will be reserved for all the approved positions in the recruitment phase.

From a solution point of view, approved visa quotas would be maintained in an SAP ECC system as per the classifications which are given by the ministry. The reports will be generated based on the live employee master data and recruitment data available in the ECC system. The recruitment data from SAP SuccessFactors-Recruitment (Via HCI or PI integration), E-Recruitment, or a direct upload of recruitment data to SAP could be used for reporting purposes. This helps to control the recruitment by checking the quota availability on a regular basis.

2. Visa Expiry Monitoring and Alerts

The visa quota and expiry of employees will be monitored by the system and a notification will be sent to the administration department on the cutoff dates to take further action regarding the same.

3. Visa Charges/Expense Approvals/Reconciliation

Accounting and reporting of the charges incurred for visa process formalities are major pain areas. This solution eases the process integration between the administration and finance departments. The standard costs applicable for the visa-related expenses will be maintained as master data in the SAP ECC system. This may differ from country to country and from position to position. Some of the standard costs are for certificate translation and attestation, work permits, residency, civil IDs, biometrics, medical tests, etc.

With this approach, the administration department can initiate and book cash from the finance department and upload the receipts/documents against the cash received. If any charge is to be deducted from the employees, then the recovery of the same will be handled through the payroll process automatically. Thus, there will be a report available on the total amount spent on the visa management process available for the top management and the finance team.

Any non-standard cost elements (E.g. Fine for delayed renewals, Intercompany employee transfer, etc.) related to the visa process follow a Fiori form-based approval process which gets posted to the FICO system automatically once it is approved.

4. Document Management

The documents or receipts uploaded by the administration department will be saved in the DMS. This will be linked to the employee master data along with the new visa expiry dates automatically. Employees will be notified via email upon the completion of renewal or registration of their visa.

5. Visa request for Employee’s Dependents

The employees who are eligible to apply for a visa from the company for their dependents will be given a Fiori based application to fill in the request details and the same will be transferred to the administration department for verification and completion. The employees can track the status of their request and will be notified upon the completion of the request.


The minimal SAP system configuration required to incorporate Kaar’s custom solution is given below:

  • SAP ECC6.0 EhP7 and above, SAP Netweaver 7.4
  • Basic implementation of SAP Modules HCM (PA, OM & Payroll) and FICO should be available

 Possible Ways of Deployment

  • Visa Management in SAP ECC with HR Master data.
  • Visa management in SAP ECC for Candidates with integration to SF-Recruitment or E-Recruitment.
  • Visa management in SAP ECC for Employees with integration to SF-Employee Central.

Possible Add-on Features

  • Ministry related form printing for Visa/Contract renewal applications.
  • BIBO Dashboards/ECC Reports can be derived for the below KPIs.
    • Petty cash – Actual vs Receipted.
    • SLA breaches at different stages of the visa process
    • Visa/Contract expiry reports
    • Visa quota consumption


To learn more about visa management and our solution to automate the process, feel free to contact us or drop in a mail at


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