With 7500+ Man Years of SAP Consulting Experience. 750+ SAP Consultants. 1500+ Successful SAP Projects. 15+ Global Locations. 250+ Global Customers. 15+ Industry Verticals. 10+ Years of SAP Partnership. 10+ Years of Existence. A CMMi Level 3 Company (www.kaartech.com) – If this is your idea of Kaar Technologies, we also want to proudly let you know, that it is also a ‘A Great Place To Work’ and a preferred employer of choice.

While we are working continuously & relentlessly, to create and sustain a great workplace for our employees, we would like to highlight below, some of our efforts around 16 areas at Kaar Technologies to build a ’A Great Place To Work’.

  • Digitized Recruitment Process: Powered by SAP SuccessFactors, embracing the tenets of PCMM Level 3 maturity and with robust recruitment & selection process workflows, we always hire the cream of best talent.
  • Hire Tough & Manage Easy: Multiple competency based filters & interviews which qualifies the feedback on candidates with comments & quantify with scores for consolidated relative ranking (CRR) of potential candidates.
  • Culture Interviews: ‘Culture’ eats ‘Strategy’ for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Potential candidates go through ‘Culture Interviews’ apart from the normal ‘HR Interviews’, so that we will have technical rockstars with the right values & culture aligned to that of Kaar Technologies.
  • Top Talent Attraction: “Gen Y is switching jobs 4 to 6 times before they hit their mid-30s, in an approximately 10-year span.” – Aon Hewitt Study. But at Kaar Technologies top-talent attraction from top engineering & business schools, in the country, year on year has increased innovation & delivery excellence, owing to our ability to provide fast-track career progression.
  • Talent Acquisition ‘Goes Local & Global’: As we enlarge our business vision, beyond the Middle East, and expand our geographical horizons with greater potential & unlimited value, into APAC, USA & ROW, we hire local nationals of the land into our global offices around the globe & provide local talent with quick global opportunities.
  • Talent Acquisition ‘Goes Social’: “56% of companies now have a social media policy. Of those 87% use LinkedIn for recruiting.” – PayScale Inc. Study. Kaar’s recruitment campaign through Facebook targeting 75000, Twitter targeting 1000 & LinkedIn targeting 5000 SAP experts in Chennai & the country, has helped get the best of talent.
  • Referral Program: ‘Familiarity breeds talent’. High-value talent at Kaar refer Great-value talent from the industry through our Referral Program called KERN (Kaar Employee Referral Nest) & win exciting cash awards.
  • ‘Come Home to Kaar’ Rehire Program: “Replacing an employee can cost a company 3 times the employee’s annual salary, affecting the overall economy by more than $350 billion dollars per year.” – Gallup Study. Many of our ex-employees who have missed the Kaar-Experience in other companies, have re-joined us, through this rehire program.


  • Welcome to Kaar: Is a comprehensive induction program, with a welcome kit, that introduces the new hire into a new world of growth & opportunities.
  • HR Handshake Mailer: Is a detailed mailer that serves as a ready reckoner & helps find answer to any question of the new joiner until he/she gets acclimatized.
  • Campus To Corporate (C2C): Every fresh engineering graduate & MBA goes through our 6 months intensive Campus To Corporate – Induction Program, woven around technical, functional, professional, softskill & behavioral aspects.


  • Culture Orientation: An orientation on Kaar values & culture, has been embedded into the HR induction for new joiners, to reinforce company´s values, mission, vision, etc. & foster a sense of pride in the company.
  • 11 Kaar Culture Tenets: On mugs, desktop-posters & danglers in every workstation & around the office, is a daily reminder to live our culture tenets & values.
  • Pat On the Back: Has increased tremendously via mails, official WhatsApp groups, team meetings & yammer on milestones achieved by our employees.


  • ‘CEO-Employee Connect’ Sessions: Are organized when the CEO visits every office/region around the globe at regular intervals.
  • ‘CHRO-Employee Connect’ Sessions: Are organized at intervals for employees with the CHRO for swift redressal of queries.
  • ‘P&L/Dept Head-Employee Connect’ Sessions: Every P&L/Department Head connects at regular intervals with employees in their respective P&L/Department for better collaboration
  • Global Town Halls: Regular town halls are organized, for the CEO to communicate important information, changes & achievements, etc. at regular intervals.
  • Open Door Policy: Culture of open door policy is propagated for effective downward & upward communication at all levels.
  • Newsletters & Corporate Communication Mailers: Frequent mailers & newsletters from the Corporate Marketing team enlightens the employee on all the happenings at Kaar Technologies.
  • Blogs: Frequent inspirational blogs by members of the Kaar Leadership Team helps in knowledge-sharing & brand-building.
  • Yammer: Is an active enterprise-platform in Kaar for employees to post, receive likes & comments on anything & everything related to work.
  • Official WhatsApp Groups: Almost every team & department functional & cross-functional, have their own WhatsApp groups to communicate swiftly & effectively.
  • Focus Group Team Discussions: Are organized frequently to hear our employees & resolve concerns.
  • Happy Meter Survey: Scores in the past years have been commendable and helped us understand the happiness index score & improve by bridging the gaps by talking to unhappy respondents directly.
  • Great Place to Work Survey: Results in the past years have always have been commendable & has propelled us to improve as an organization in ensuring a great place to work.
  • P&L Structure: We have gone into the P&L structure, to focus more on growth and operations, quicker decision making, proximity to customers and partners. Many global organizations are functioning in this fashion and it has given proven results; this introduction of P&L structure at Kaar will help us to achieve our ‘Vision 2022’ of becoming a public listed organization.
  • Practice Structure: Concept of Practices is to enhance the Project Execution and Organizational Development for future growth. Each Practice is led by a Practice Lead (PL) and in turn the Practice Lead will report to Practice Head (PH). All consultants both at offshore/onsite will be part of one of the practices depending on their competency / module and will have dotted line reporting to their PL.
  • Monthly Management Team Meeting (MTM): The Management team meets every first Friday of the month, to discuss, deliberate, review & plan the course of action in steering the organization to success.
  • Monthly Team Meetings: Are organized by the P&L/Department heads for knowledge sharing, review books, analyze metrics & plan the course of action in steering the department effectively. These meetings provide greater synergy & productivity.
  • Kaar Project Repository: A home-made platform that captures the depth of expertise Kaar has gained in the past decade in various verticals, horizontals & geographies.
  • Kaar Social App: Is a home-made platform that is being built for internal approvals, socializing, communication, idea-generation, etc.
  • Employee Engagement Centre (ECC): Ensures that all employee queries received 24/7 is routed to the respective departments & resolved amicably.
  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC): As per the ‘The Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act 2013’ Kaar has pronounced, zero tolerance on workplace harassment and this policy is in force to prevent any such incidents. Anyone who is affected by such harassments can approach the ICC Board in the organization.
  • HRBPs: Every P&L /Department has a dedicated HR Business Partner assigned to cater to the services of employees.
  • Stay Interviews: Helps to retain high-potentials, from exiting the organization & enables them have a long and rewarding career at Kaar.
  • Spot Appreciation: In meetings & through mails helps employees feel recognized & appreciated instantly
  • Annual Excellence Awards: Rising stars, Star performers, Kaar Pillars, Best project manager, Best Mentor, Best project and Kaar Ideal project are annual excellence awards conferred during the Kaar Day & Annual Leadership Meeting celebrations.
  • Long Service Awards: Medals and a wrist watch is awarded to employees completed 5 years  & 10 years. A cake, bouquet & personalized card by the Directors of the company is delivery to the address of the employee.
  • Star of the Month Award: Recognizes 11 Culture Tenets of Kaar, Competence, Consulting, Commitment, Communication, Interpersonal & Leadership skills exhibited by an individual in every department, every month.
  • Management Team Award: Is conferred by the Management Team Members, every month, in public, to employees/teams for exceptional contribution to the organization’s success.
  • Mentor-Mentee Program: Every fresh engineering graduate & MBA is aligned to a Mentor, who is a Senior Leader for coaching & mentoring.
  • Kaar Leadership Program: 15% of the organization has been identified & enrolled into this program to create a future-ready-pipeline of leaders. Their leadership competency is being honed through mentoring & a structured development plan.
  • Skill Enhancement Program: Apart from External Certifications, ‘Kaar Internal Certification’ Programs helps employees to upskill, reskill or cross skill in 9 Domains & 160+ SAP Skills
  • Soft Skill eModules: 40+ home-made online 1 hour online-capsule-courses helps employees improve on communication, customer success, leadership, personal effectiveness, culture, etc.
  • Job Rotation: “Millennials (those born after 1980) are especially quick to change jobs if they feel bored, unappreciated or disconnected”. – Gallup Study. Helps employees move across practices, departments & roles, to unleash their potential & prove themselves.
  • Career Progression: “GEN-Y-FI (Young Focused Individuals) look for clarity in career progression” – Aon Hewitt Study. A clear progression chart is available for employees to move from one level to another during their stint at Kaar.
  • Global Exposure: Is available in abundance to our SAP consultants through long & short term onsite opportunities.


  • Compulsory Week-Off: Though we are to provide round the clock support to our middle-east clients, every Saturday is observed as a compulsory week-off to all.
  • Team Outing / Lunch: Departmental team outing budget is allocated.
  • Paid & Festival Leaves: 18 paid leaves per year and 12 government holidays are given to the employees.
  • Compensatory Offs: Comp-offs are given to employees working on week-offs or holidays.
  • Maternity Leave: All women employees are eligible for 6 months maternity leave as per the Maternity Benefit Act 1961.
  • Paternity Leave: All male employees will be eligible for Paternity leave of 2 days in a year.
  • Compassionate Leave: All employees can avail 3 days of compassionate leave in case of death of immediate family members (parent/spouse/child/sibling).
  • Marriage Gift: Rs.5000/- rupees is credited to the bank account of the employee.
  • Child Birth: Rs.5000/- rupees is credited to the bank account of the employee.
  • Blood Donation: Mail from HR at times of emergency for need of rare blood group for family members & relatives of employees.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: ‘Hiring of Relatives’ & ‘Equal Opportunities Employer’ policy is in vogue.
  • Fun at Work: Regular hangouts, indoor & outdoor sports events, festival celebrations reflect the ethnicity at the workplace
  • Wellness Programs: Eye, dental & wellness camps are organized for the well-being of employees.
  • Kaar Day & Annual Leadership Meeting: Is a Kaar Family celebration to learn, appreciate & celebrate the joy of being a Kaarian.
  • ESOP: Is in vogue, for sharing value creation. Longevity Option were granted to 515+ employees;, Growth Options were granted to 15% employees & Performance Options were granted to 290+ employees.
  • Sales Incentive: A comprehensive & attractive incentive policy is applicable for members in the sales team.
  • Compensation: Clear grade system based on which the compensation is structured. Above market standard
  • Benefits: Medical Insurance is provided to employee their spouse and 2 children covering 2 lakhs & 50K for maternity. All employee are also covered under term life insurance policy.
  • Travel Advance & Insurance Policy: Is available for SAP consultants travelling onsite.
  • Kaar Arakkattalai: “61% of Millennials (those born after 1980) who rarely or never volunteer themselves, would consider a company’s commitment to the community, when making a job decision.” –  Deloitte’s Volunteer IMPACT Study. This is a Kaar initiative exclusively operating towards social services like funding poor students passing out of 10th std. News paper ad is given to call the deserving students and sponsoring their 11th & 12th class school fees.
  • Tuition Center: A Tuition center for the poor children was started in Dindigul.
  • Blood Donation Drives: Are conducted twice a year.
  • Chennai Floods: “43% of consumers are more interested in the social purpose of a corporation or brand, than design or innovation.” –  Edelman Study. 6.68 lakhs contributed to the victims of the recent floods in Chennai.
  • Performance & Goals: Are assigned & measured frequently via SAP SuccessFactors against 4 Goal Sections, namely Key Performance Indicator, Corporate Alignment Assessment, Employee Life Cycle Assessment & Kaar Culture Assessment

All these efforts in these 16 areas at Kaar Technologies helps to build a ’A Great Place To Work’ & ensure 100% employee engagement.

Employee Engagement = Heads + Hearts + Hands at Work; This is the bloodline of all our efforts &  interventions at Kaar Technologies, because we believe that, “Truly engaged employees are ATTRACTED to, and INSPIRED by their work (“I want to do this”), COMMITTED (“I am dedicated to the Success of what I am doing”), and FASCINATED (“I love what I am doing”).” – “Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty”, Tim Rutledge.

Are you interested to join this ‘Great Place To Work’ called ‘Kaar Technologies’? If YES, please mail your resume or refer friends to recruitteam@kaartech.com.



Srinivasan Subbiah

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