Which Cloud Model is Right for your Business?

In the common consumer space, cloud computing is synonymous with the public cloud model. However, most enterprises think of private cloud when they think of cloud computing. This is because they believe that public cloud involves sharing of application space with other customers.

They are generally not aware of the benefits of a public cloud and tend to look more into the flexibility of a private cloud. Some enterprises also prefer a hybrid cloud model where the legacy continues to be on-prem while newer implementations of the business applications are moved to a private cloud.

Why are enterprise customers so hesitant about the public cloud?

Enterprise customers feel more comfortable in adopting measured approaches when embracing cloud computing especially if they come from a background with too much legacy or have a large data footprint which must be continued for some time to come.

Are their opinions changing?

Customers today are willing to experiment with moving part of their legacy to analytic apps. This allows them to read them seamlessly along with hot data using public clouds. Transaction systems and records are being systematically moved to public clouds. This is happening at a faster pace in certain domains like HR and Procurement. This is due to the need to be generic than flexible in most cases. But in areas like Production and Maintenance, the move to public clouds is much slower since these domains are still very specific to the nature of their business.

Nowadays, newer business models adopt a complete public cloud. Legacy business models with large data footprints start with a hybrid cloud route leading to a private cloud. Cases of public clouds and private clouds co-existing in a hybrid federated cloud scenario are also beginning to emerge.

Cloud computing is the future for all businesses. The perfect cloud model must be adopted sooner rather than later. This must be done based on an in-depth analysis of the business processes and data footprint to be carried over.

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George Gaurdian

Technocrat and business leader whose technology acumen is keenly matched with the business know-how. Creator of out-of-the-box solutions to uniquely blend technology and tools in unthought-of proportions. Well-noted for defining technology roadmaps for global customers which sync with their business vision and objectives.

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