Key differentiators of KCloud from a Super Cloud

For more than a decade, Kaar has been supporting Enterprise SAP customers in the Middle East. We assist them by building their On-Premise Infrastructure, running Business-Critical Applications and managing their End-to-End, right from Network Routers to Client Devices. Being an SAP Native company, we could better understand their Infrastructure prerequisites to run a stable SAP environment. It is a well-known fact that a reliable SAP landscape can ensure better performance. Seeing the rise in cloud adoption rate by small-scale industries and enterprise customers across the globe, Kaar started KCloud services in early 2015. KCloud also supports the clients in their digital transformation journey with Cloud.

What are super clouds?

I would say Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are super clouds. These cloud platforms have massive data centersĀ and self-service offerings. This enablesĀ them to spin off servers in any available zone by sitting in any part of the Internet-connected world.

Super clouds provide virtual machines like use and throw cups. Though they provide High Availability (HA) for physical servers, it is the customer’s responsibility to solution it properly in case of Disasters, and ensure high availability of applications. Database and application backups are also the customer’s responsibility. You may also need to set up monitoring solutions. Again, you need a system integrator like us to design, deploy and manage your IT objectives end-to-end.

Yes, we are the cardiac specialist, but we do have expertise in general medicine as well.

Is KCloud just about Hosting?

Answer is NO

KCloud is not just a Regional Data Center. We have aspirations to become AWS or any super cloud. So, we have built an abstract layer in KCloud which supports multiple cloud platforms under a single glass pane. This, in turn, helps Operation teams to spin off and manage instances running in AWS, Azure, GCP or any IaaS provider.

KCloud stands different from super clouds or any other IaaS provider by providing unique components in addition to the Hosting services. All you need is a device with Internet access or VPN tunnel.

The following table illustrates the Key Differences between KCloud and other Super Clouds.

* Middle East Region

** Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

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