What are the business benefits of S/4HANA for existing SAP ERP customers?

What are the business benefits of S4 HANA
S4 HANA is the 4th ERP suite developed by SAP. While the evolution of ERP dates back to 1979 when SAP R/2 was released, the current solution which was first launched in 2015 is a truly modern 21st century ERP.  It enables organizations to work seamlessly in a digital economy. Customers who have been running SAP ERP for the last four decades slowly start thinking about the business benefits of S4 HANA and if they should adopt this modern ERP solution. What are the benefits of S4 HANA?

Business Process Simplification

S/4 HANA acts as the digital core for business process simplification by using the power of its HANA in-memory database. The best example is the Soft Financial Close.

In legacy systems, enterprises couldn’t close activities which hadn’t begun until the period end. This resulted in multiple batch-run dependencies and bottlenecks which delayed downstream activities. The effects were visible in the form of delayed visibility into reporting, time-pressured resolutions and complex problems which were postponed until after close. However, with S/4 HANA you get the following benefits:

  • Real-time system with key performance indicators (KPIs) instantly refreshed
  • Elimination of end-of-period batch bottlenecks
  • Continuous intercompany reconciliation
  • Continuous financial reporting visibility
  • Profitability analysis and line-item detail reconciliation
  • Automation for routine tasks
  • Full management visibility of close tasks

This leads to faster decision making and Soft Financial Close anytime.

Contextualized Insights at the Point of Decision

Fiori 2.0 is a new next-generation user experience interface. The revolutionary tile-based design allows users to quickly access Overview Pages, List Reports, and Work Lists. The intuitive user interface allows them to trigger quick actions or drill down to the next level of detail.

The above two benefits allow an organization to dynamically change it’s business models. This helps the organization to:

  • Drive new revenues and profits
  • Connect with customers through any channel to deliver value
  • Access the Internet of Things and Big Data
  • Simplify processes, drive them in real-time and adapt instantly
  • Gain insight into any data, in real-time – supporting instant decision making


If you are searching for someone who could help analyze your organization and suggest the right HANA implementation to embrace the benefits of S4 HANA, kindly fill this contact form and we will get back to you immediately.

Alphonse Raj David

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    garte! all benefits are really very clear and encouraging.

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