What is a Multi-Cloud?

What is a multi-cloud?
Enterprises are embracing cloud computing at a fast rate. This has resulted in the emergence of multi-cloud scenarios. This is not a completely new paradigm. But, multi-clouds now run critical business applications which need interaction and interplay with hybrid architectures.

The Multi-Cloud Journey

The cloud journey of most enterprises starts with simple or redundant workloads in the enterprise. Next in line comes non-core business applications with some reporting requirements followed by a core business application like CRM on the Cloud. In a short span of time, the Enterprise is already Multi-Cloud friendly, with core and non-core applications running on different clouds or super clouds.


The interplay between them is ignored. This leads to a limited oversight of business processes. To address this problem, a combination of jobs and low-level connections can be used initially, but a seamless connection is required eventually to provide true business value.

Most IT folks within Enterprises tend to concentrate on the technical aspects of getting the connections up and running. The real challenge of interactions between multi-clouds is not in the technical aspect of the actual connections. It is the derivation of the business value for these connections.

Business Value

The continuous interactions of multi-clouds provide the Business Value. Benchmarking and improvisations of value drivers in shorter time windows drive the business value for enterprises.

Moving workloads into clouds will give enterprises a limited financial impact on the downward side of costs. In a completely on-prem world, Value drivers are unthinkable. In the world of hybrid-clouds, these are the new norm.


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