Top 5 Necessary Traits of SAP Project Managers

Top 5 Traits of SAP Project Managers
SAP Project Managers are a breed apart. With the increasing ubiquity of SAP around the world over the past four decades, this breed of Managers have also proliferated the office spaces and some of them are holding CIO positions in Fortune 500 firms.

So what traits make a good SAP project manager?

Finishing Prowess

An SAP Project Manager should be an excellent Finisher. He/she should prioritize activities in such a way that the critical activities happen first. Should they find pitfalls, they should know the workarounds. He/She should not allow any loose ends and must aim for a smooth finish.

Team Building Excellence

Great SAP Project Managers build a great Team.  A Project Manager knows that he/she can get more work done with a strong and passionate team behind them. A Project Manager should trust, be trustworthy, and deal with underperformance as quickly as they know it will threaten the Team. He/she should have a knack for helping underperformers shine in a new role. He should always be understandably proud of his team and what they’ve achieved together.

Ability to Deal with Complexity

Great Project Managers deal with complexity. The complexity of projects, especially the large projects, and the complexity of working within an organizational context defeats most normal consultants. A great manager should be able to think clearly, easily cope with a lack of good data, be creative in solving problems, and manage risks confidently. They should be flexible, be able to adapt processes to fit the local need, know when to bend the rules to make progress, and when to intelligently disobey. He/she should be capable of juggling hundreds of tasks at once.

Efficient Time Management

A Project Manager’s job involves determining and communicating how people will spend their time. But, it’s equally important to be aware of how they are managing their own time. Excellent managers look for opportunities which would make them more efficient by delegating responsibilities or rearranging their schedule.

Thoughtful Budget Management

In order to keep the SAP project on track, the project manager always has a solid grasp of basic accounting principles and maintains a constant awareness of the project’s budgetary performance. Identifying variances/discrepancies is a trait which will help both clients and Implementors avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.


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