Why does SAP HANA migration make sense for enterprises?

Why does Hana Migration make sense?
We have all been hearing about how technology is disrupting the current business landscape. But the biggest question that people have is whether they need to evolve their technology landscape. They also wonder how a HANA migration can enable their business to ride the transformational wave and become future ready. By the end of this blog, you will understand why a HANA migration makes sense for enterprises.

The Darwinian theory of evolution and survival of the fittest is not just for living organisms. Organizations also need to evolve in order to survive. The modern-day organization needs to evolve at an alarmingly fast pace or risk being left behind to eventually die. In this current scenario of constant technological disruptions, modern day organizations need to be aware of certain paradigm shifts.

You might be really big, but you can still fall!

The world in the last few years has seen many behemoths such as Xerox, Yahoo, Kodak, and Blackberry to name a few, fall just because they thought they were too big to go out. They failed to evolve while the world around them did. This era also saw the formation of a new world order in the wake of the emergence of companies like Tesla, Airbnb, Netflix, etc. They have truly transformed the business landscape in their respective industries.

If you don’t, your competition will!

A study predicts that more than 60% of the existing market leaders may not exist in the next 10 years. Sometimes competition comes from the most unexpected corners. Ford motors never expected competition from a taxi company called ‘Uber’. It would be very naïve of you to relax because your ‘perceived’ competition isn’t doing anything great either. A recent study shows that half of the world’s major organizations see competitive pressure as the need for digital transformation. One out of three organizations views digital transformation as an investment in fighting against market disruptions.

Emergence of SAP’s Digital Core

This is the era of SAP’s digital Core powered by SAP HANA. SAP ECC customers have already adopted the HANA migration wave. With HANA at the core of your digital enterprise, you can evolve faster, be agiler, and leverage all the latest technological advancements available in the market to transform your organization. You can also discover new and better ways of doing business for the future by fueling growth and sustainability. SAP HANA digital core provides innovations such as In-Memory computing, Cloud Technology, IOT, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and AR/VR.

These features reduce transaction times by 50%, improve employee efficiency by 20 %, and open many new previously undiscovered business avenues. What it means for you is that by saving time and improving efficiency you gain more than 1 man-day per weak per employee. Now, consider that you have 1000 employees. This would mean that you save 52000 Man days per year. This, in turn, generates 416000 extra man hours per year to generate more revenue for your business.

One major question which you need to ask is whether you want to find yourself watching helplessly as every 2nd competitor undergoes a digital transformation while you wait for someone to change the way business is done for you or whether you want to be the one who rides the change and moves into the future ready and stronger. The time to Evolve is now! Evolve with SAP HANA.

If you would like to understand how you can leverage SAP HANA and its solutions to help your organization evolve, please contact us here.

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