How To Build An Enterprise Cloud Roadmap?

Cloud RoadmapMoving to the Cloud results in cost efficiencies along with highly scalable infrastructure in the long term. An enterprise cloud roadmap formed with a realistic approach can help simplify the implementation process.

An effective roadmap should put together an actionable and funded plan which includes benefits over a five year period. So the question is, “How do you build a realistic Enterprise Cloud Roadmap?”.

Understand Service Providers

Before making roadmap decisions on Cloud strategies, one must understand what Cloud service providers can and can’t provide. While most cloud providers provide commoditized cloud infrastructure, only a few can provide customised cloud infrastructure.

Segregate Candidates

Building a roadmap requires an understanding of which candidates can and cannot be moved to the cloud.
Custom made legacy applications require a lot of security roles are poor candidates for cloud roadmaps. This is because they are heavy, monolithic, and require too many changes and adjustments in core architecture to move to the cloud.
On the other hand, applications used by a small group of users or those which carry a lot of derived information are suitable candidates for a cloud roadmap.
Applications which require tight integration or are already integrated with huge volumes of data transfer to On-Prem applications can be considered at a later phase in the cloud roadmap.

Understand Decisions

Enterprises planning on creating a Cloud roadmap should remember that moving to the Cloud is a long-term systemic change. This requires complete support from the top.
It is also good to know that it is not a one-way street as some enterprises have successfully done a reverse migration for some of the applications too complex to fit into the cloud.

Understand what is to be achieved with a cloud migration. The operational cost advantage is obvious. But, an effective cloud roadmap gives the agility for businesses to quickly turn around in high growth scenarios. They can also adjust costs in a volatile business scenario.

Small and Medium Enterprises heavily reliant on Dev Ops are suitable candidates to be included in the First Phase of Cloud Strategy.


These tips should help one successfully create a functioning, realistic enterprise cloud roadmap. To talk more about Creating an Enterprise Cloud Roadmap or anything else related to ERPs, please reach out to us or email us at

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