How can I ensure ERP Project Success?

How can I ensure ERP Project Success
The first thing one can hear when an organization embarks upon an ERP initiative is about failure stories and the risks of wasted energy. It is very common to see ERP projects failing and it is therefore imperative to take a balanced approach towards the whole initiative. Choosing the right ERP solution, right implementation partner, and expenses can’t guarantee ERP project Success.

Often, success and failure of ERP projects can be squarely attributed to the implementing organizations. It might be a bitter pill to swallow. But that is the reality if one considers the fact that ERP Product vendors and ERP Implementation partners will have failure stories along with the hundreds of success stories. The power to make an ERP Implementation project successful is in the hands of the implementing organization.

KaarTech has built vast experience over the past decade in implementing 100’s of ERP projects in various verticals, Size and Geographies. This gives extreme diversity in the experience acquired over the years. It gets clearer and clearer that there are a few factors which ensure the success of an ERP. Some of those factors are:

  • CEO Commitment
  • Strong Steering Committee
  • KPI and Information Needs Identification
  • Long-term partnerships with the Implementation partner
  • Application Lifecycle Management Strategy
  • Expectation Management on Outcomes
  • Implementation approach
  • Standards Followed
  • Commitment of the Best People
  • Training System
  • Automation Maintenance
  • Managing Exception Scenarios
  • Strong Communication

If you are looking for an implementation partner who can guarantee a safe implementation in accordance with the mentioned factors, contact us by filling out the contact form or by sending us an email at

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