The Myth of Mobility Risk – Do enterprise mobility solutions really put your company’s data at risk?

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There is a strong association in our minds between enterprise mobility and data breach risk. It is time we rid ourselves of any misconceptions by examining the scenario closely. Reports show that a staggering 61% of employees work outside of the office for varying amounts of time. Your employees work on more than 3 devices in the course of performing their daily work activities. This is regardless of whether you have an enterprise mobility solution in place or not.

Your company’s data thus moves through your employees’ personal devices – via emails accessible on the phone, online documents, unchecked downloads and more. This movement is through public apps that you may not have any control over. However, your employees are on the move, they need to work efficiently while they travel. This renders data flow through personal devices unavoidable. But this also puts your data at risk – it does not give you an oversight of how your employees are using that data.

Enterprise mobility gives you the control you need over how your data flows. It supports employee communications with mobile applications you can track and analyse. Enterprise mobility is no longer a choice, it is a necessity for employers and employees alike. Apps that support on-the-go employee needs can increase employee productivity by 25%. This means that you can equip every four employees with the potential of five! In a [survey –] done on 306 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs), almost 73% said their companies were planning to implement mobility solutions across the entire organization. 90% said that they see enterprise mobility as the critical function for competitiveness, operational productivity and customer engagement in 2016.

Why then does enterprise mobility set off data security-related alarms in our minds?

It is because enterprise mobility done wrong puts all of your data at risk. According to latest reports, [], 40% of large companies do not secure the mobile applications they build for their customers adequately. Incidentally, 33% of businesses have admitted to never testing their mobile apps! It comes as no surprise then, that companies feel that enterprise mobility may jeopardise data security.

The solution lies in being mindful while evaluating enterprise mobility vendors. Invest your time in understanding what you want in terms of data security. Choose a partner who is willing to listen to your insecurities and counteracting them with rational, wholesome solutions. Most importantly, internalise the fact that your data security depends more on the terms and conditions you set with your enterprise mobility vendor than on the solution itself.

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