Kaar Technologies is in west – Our humble introduction to Goliaths of Globalization

My identity is Kaar Technologies – A specialized SAP services provider based in Chennai. “Specialized “????!!!!! Oh my dear reader, don’t scorn, sulk and chuckle…I know you have heard the word for the umpteenth time but we are “truly” specialized. You may want to check with the likes of Wipro, Infosys and CSCs who are bewildered at our success and habit of often punching above our weight and coming out unscathed most of the time.

We are an interesting company, though fledgling and bootstrapped, have grand ambitions that would belie our size and are often mistaken by skeptical minds as youthful exuberance of a curious upstart. Make no mistake. We are not an upstart, neither do we ride the luck of a beginner. We have been in the system for nearly nine years. It was a slow start, but a sure start which laid a great foundation for the organization to withstand and weather the storms that were and will be on our way as we move forward. The cautious baby steps we took in the initial years made us a seasoned sprinter now resulting in the sustenance of our CAGR of more than 50% over the last 5 years.

We are a curious company, under the tutelage of a damn curious leader, Maran Nagarajan who carries a strong vision and sense of purpose that are strongly interwoven with social responsibility. That’s a part I, along with 600+ SAP workforce of our organization, admire because if you look back at history, the greatest bellwethers of any industry had social conscience built in to their vision and values from day one. We take a lot of pride in this aspect of our vision. Adding to it, Maran’s ability to see “non existent to normal mind” fourth dimension has been contagious and permeative to the last employee of the organization and that’s where we differ from our contemporaries.

We have made our presence strongly felt in the “end to end SAP Enterprise services” spanning Applications, Infrastructure and Hosting in the exigent Middle-East nations where we know every corner to the extent that Google can approach us for map queries. Now, we have reached Europe with the next stop as United States, dutifully determined to make ripples and disruptions in the DIGITAL space. Hold your horses – I know that I just spilled the most overused word of 21st century – but trust me – we are not just talk, we are about to walk the talk. Stay tuned to my posts, I promise to stop my rhetoric with this and focus on communicating our abilities, investments, differentiators and why you, Buyers and Competitors alike, should keep an eye on us.

Rajesh – A Proud Kaarian.


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