Experience speedy, quantifiable, operational benefits with Kaar Delivery Model

Historically, SAP implementations are approached using the Waterfall model which is by and large the traditional way of implementing business process automation in any organization. In this model, the methodology is highly conceptualized in the earlier phase and later executed one step at a time. However, abstract nature of the process design prevents clear articulation upfront. Having taken cognizance of the eCommerce industry’s success in deploying agile methodology, it got us thinking of implementing agile model for process automation projects of SAP as well.

We had to battle the popular belief that agile model won’t succeed in Business Transformation initiatives. However, Kaar has broken the chains and proven that it is indeed possible and this innovation in delivery where we go live in multiple cycles has made a huge difference in the happiness index of process transformation projects which is otherwise a major change management pain for our customers.

Kaar leverages SAP industry expertise and embraces analytical rigor to solve critical business problems. This agile delivery model was formulated with a distinct value proposition which is intended to deliver the finest SAP ideas and proficiency to companies. The ultimate endeavor is to craft a business transformation by integrating technology and best-in-class SAP business processes.

Equipped with a strong delivery capability in SAP implementation services, this methodology offers proven guidelines to streamline implementation projects.It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, prompt delivery, consistent improvement and a rapid and flexible response to change. Each phase requires 30 days and the final release of the project is estimated during the Business Process Fitment (BPF) which also depends on the product backlog. The clients realize investment benefits in 120 days from the time of implementation.This is done in a systematic, incremental manner and will “go-live” in multiple cycles.

Following are the five distinct phases of the delivery methodology :

1)    Preparation Set-up

2)    Business Process Fitment

3)    Solution Deployment

4)    Best Practice Go-Live

5)    Follow-up Releases

KDM is based on a strong foundation of principles: high collaboration, flexibility, integrated testing, integrated training and faster ROI. All these combined, provides the customer with a smooth migration to newer landscapes.


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