Why enterprise mobility has a direct and significant influence on workforce productivity?

Workforce Productivity
In the last two years, we have seen several headlines screaming that corporate profits are on the high. But, they seem to have no effect on the rising rate of unemployment or workforce productivity. This is an offshoot of the recession which hit us a few years ago wherein companies had to reduce costs by laying off employees. The pressure to maintain the bottom-line has resulted in companies doing more with fewer employees.

This situation raises a conundrum for the enterprises. Mobility inherently helps eliminate IT overheads. Executives have begun to point out that failure to keep track of updated product information was a major barrier to success for sales teams and if addressed would result in a profound improvement in the sales processes. Besides, using a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution for deployment requires less IT support and employees are in a position to attend to high-priority tasks. It was at this time that the consumerization of IT had begun.

Yet another trend was the improvement in the security products for digital devices. Issues related to security are the biggest concern in the digital era which is why IT managers buttress well-thought-of policies and tools to implement them. Employees can access information remotely and also alter it. Hackers cannot decipher the information transferred across the encrypted connection between the mobile device and the network. Policies may be framed where users’ roles are defined along with what applications and data they can have access to.

Effects of Enterprise Mobility towards Workforce Productivity

All these trends combined has made mobility an exciting option for Enterprises. Mobility contributes towards driving business productivity by:

  • Allowing timely access to information ( the importance of timely access cannot be overemphasized)
  • Leveraging investments made in the existing ERP environment
  • Enabling smoother workflow by allowing more to be done in less time
  • Combining the BYOD trend with investment in Enterprise level applications which allows cost saving in the IT hardware (Laptops, Tablets, etc.) procurement

Looking back, we may presume that the utmost requirement of enterprises is only to improve productivity. Undoubtedly, Enterprise Mobility will play a huge part in this improvement. It will be the next stage of business evolution.

Alphonse Raj David

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