Why is integrated Enterprise Mobility strategy essential for a mile connectivity?

The mobile market has taken over the PC market and Millennials are joining companies for their brand value and leaving it due to Bad UI!!!!

Businesses are at an Inflection point. IT Infrastructure has been created and ERP systems have been deployed but still the wealth of data created and held in the various data centres is not helping the person on the field. What we find is the need for the last mile connectivity.

What is last mile connectivity? It is the final transfer of resources (or in our case data) from the offices to the field where our employees are interacting with our customers. Be it operations, supply chain or sales, many organizations have the required information which can help their employees make better decisions but they cannot because the information is not given to them at the right time and place. This succinctly summarizes the problem that companies face at present. Companies are struggling to provide the right information at the right place and right time to the employees.

Thus, going mobile is the answer. But it is not as simple as it is said. We need a Strategy. An Enterprise Mobile Strategy is needed for an organization, because building few apps does not actually constitute mobile strategy. We, at Kaar, have what we call the Integrated Enterprise Mobility Strategy to help companies in this transformation. It is as follows:

First of all, companies cannot keep building apps separately with each connected to a different database. This is an untenable and non-scalable approach. A company going mobile has to understand that only 20% of the total cost of going mobile goes into actually creating the apps. The remaining 80% is the back-end infrastructure costs to make the apps run. In this scenario, it is important for any company to have a back-end mobile strategy before having a front-end mobile strategy. The best back-end mobile strategy is to have a common mobile platform on which mobile applications can be developed and through which it can connect to any database. Kaar offers SAP Mobile Platform to help its customers build a robust platform through which they can deploy applications and thus truly become companies of the 21st century.

Secondly, companies should have a good Mobile Device Management policy in place. As the number of mobile devices connected to the enterprise database increases, it becomes very difficult to enroll users, monitor activity and ensure compliance. In this case, we advice our customers to make use of Afaria so all the devices within their ecosystem are completely protected. Afaria helps customers handle the lifecycle management of all the devices within the organization whilst ensuring end-to-end mobile device management.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we look at mobile applications. It is not just important that the application works properly but it should also provide a user interface which can allow users to enter and view data easily. On this front, we provide over 500+ applications based on the Fiori UX platform or even Custom Application Development integrated with the SAP Mobile Platform in the back end to give employees the best user experience possible for we believe UX to be a combination of UI and Technology i.e. an easy to use UI which doesn’t confuse the customer and proper technology built into the app such that it perfectly interfaces with the back end.

Once a company has established its Mobile Platform, its Mobile Device Management policy and the required application within its company, it can look at connecting outside the company via mobile, to its partners, contractors and customers. But customers worry about safety in connecting with devices outside the company’s MDM policy. Thus, Kaar partners with Mocana to provide App-level security such that a company can provide applications which are encrypted within itself. Another advantage of using Mocana is that it decouples application development from security i.e. you just need to build the app and Mocana will wrap itself around the application and make it a high security fortress.

We, at Kaar Technologies, have always believed in providing the best to our customers and that is the reason behind the creation of the Integrated Enterprise Mobility Strategy. Thus we help our customers implement the Mobile Platform by using SAP Mobile Platform, manage devices through Afaria, create next-gen applications using the Fiori UX and ensure security using Mocana.

Alphonse Raj David

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