Business Intelligence for the Always-Connected Business Environment

Infographics at the tip of your finger, flooding app choices for you to pick, tailor-made solutions at your disposal, don’t you think the way we do business has entered an era of mobility?

Today’s performance-driven business environment is not just restricted to office desks; it demands one to make impactful and time-critical decisions on the go. With Mobile Business Intelligence application, one can get all vital data in the form of simple charts and trends that lead them in making better decisions in real time.

Mobile business intelligence (MBI) provides access to data 24*7 and lets you gather, store, analyze critical information anywhere, anytime. Being device agnostic, the mobile BI gives users the ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ advantage. Plus, it delivers real-time visibility to business insights with a safe and secure mobile experience featuring interactive visuals and searches.

What can you gain using MBI?

Mobile Business Intelligence offers many benefits apart from Return on Investment. A few to mention,

Competitive edge

To be in the race, organizations need to act wise and quick. The business world offers plethora of opportunities and one can’t afford to miss them just because they don’t have access to the right information at the right time. With MBI, one can derive meaningful insights as and when needed and rightly capitalize opportunities ahead of the competitors.

Better knowledge sharing

Organizations can choose to give Mobile BI access to as many people on a permanent or intermediary or temporary basis. With access to Mobile BI, decisions makers in the field get to know the key analytics of the business and are kept well informed about their organization. By sharing essential data among employees, Mobile BI improves knowledge sharing.

Customer satisfaction

Providing customer-centric data to the field and sales people is very important for an organization as they are client-handling people. Mobile BI gives instant access to customer-specific data, letting sales staff resolve queries and problems immediately no matter where they are. This way Mobile BI allows sales staffs build a good rapport with customers.

According to Gartner’s prediction, by 2015, over 50% of existing BI users will rely totally on mobile devices for insight delivery.  Also, the mobile BI user base is expected to grow by 20%. Do you want your business to gain competitive advantage? Tap, Slide, Get informed, Anticipate and Act swiftly with Mobile Business Intelligence Application.


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