Move SAP to Cloud

Give some thought on how easy it would be if you could implement your ERP solution without any hardware! What if you can augment, develop or run applications without hardware? Yes, with the comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by the online giant Amazon, you can be virtually connected to your SAP ERP solution anywhere, anytime and also develop and run applications on the go. What is Amazon’s cloud-computing platform all about? How can this cloud-computing platform make your business stand apart?

Be it an enterprise application, big data projects or mobile applications, Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you build, migrate or run any application virtually. AWS offers a host of benefits that reduce your IT costs. Using SAP on AWS, get the following benefits,

  • Don’t pay any upfront cost and just pay for what you use
  • Your CapEx is replaced with OpEx
  • Provision new infrastructure in minutes
  • Scale up or down the resources as and when needed
  • Get access to virtually unlimited storage and network space when required
  • Manage all AWS resources completely by yourself
  • You can use your existing SAP license on AWS

A recent Industry research reveals that, by running SAP applications on AWS, you can save up to 71% of your infrastructure costs. Go the cloud way, reduce your IT costs and focus more on innovation rather than infrastructure.


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