Fieldglass: Access, attract and manage your flexible workforce

What is Fieldglass?

Fieldglass is a Chicago-based software company that provides a vendor management system (VMS) called the Fieldglass VMS. The Fieldglass VMS is a cloud-based solution which lets you manage the non-employee workforce. According to Ardent Partners, a research and advisory firm, the temporary job market is all set to grow by 30% over next three years. Knowing that the network-led business is going to be the future of commerce, SAP acquired Fieldglass this year.

Fieldglass’ cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) lets organizations to better procure, manage and optimize their global temporary workforces, including contingent labor and independent contractors. It is also said to have optimized visibility, complex spend, worker quality, compliance and program efficiencies of organizations.

Convergence of Total Talent Management and Supply Management:

SAP has come up with a strategic vision of adding Fieldglass’ capabilities to the existing capabilities of SAP’s Ariba and SuccessFactors offering, in order to address the increasingly temporary and networked nature of both employment and procurement relationships. With SuccessFactors focusing on the Full-time employees and talent management elements and Ariba focusing on the network-based solution for procurement management, Fieldglass is geared to address the gap in how SAP suite supports the management of the total workforce, wherein strategy for controlling and managing contract workers plays a vital role.

Benefits of Fieldglass:

  • Fieldglass’ VMS platform enables you to search, identify and track contingent workers, thereby streamlining the entire process of procuring and managing flexible workforce.
  • This software supports any type of program inclusive of the ones that are managed in-house, through one or more Managed Service Providers or with a vendor on premise (VOP)
  • With VMS in place, you can achieve improved worker and supplier quality as it lets you identify top talent and suppliers through consistent evaluation.
  • Program efficiencies can be increased: Fieldglass automates and streamlines requisitions and approvals, thereby saves your time.

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