Towards Building the Best Workplace

Kaar Technologies participated in the ‘Great Place to Work’ 2013 employee survey. Great Place to Work® is an Organization, dedicated to fostering great workplaces in India.

The Survey Process

The Survey process comprised of two components – the Trust Index Survey (Satisfaction survey) and the Culture Audit (Best practices).

The Trust Index Survey was conducted on a sampling out of the entire employee database. The sampling was based on different demography across departments, gender and grade. Employees were directly contacted through emails and phones for their feedback on the five dimensions of a great work place – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.

The Culture Audit comprised of 15 open ended questions which was completed by the Human Resources team at Kaar Technologies.

The final outcome was arrived with the collective score put together from both the Trust Index Survey and the Culture Audit. Below is the result of the Survey.

This is the first year Kaar Technologies has participated in the Great Place to Work survey and we are excited with the outcome of the survey, which says “3 out of 4 employees feel Kaar Technologies is a great place to work”.

Shoba, Chief People Officer says, “As an employee representative, I am happy that we have participated in the survey conducted by ‘Great place to work’.  We are now focused on achieving a place for Kaar among the best 100 Companies in India. The survey has given us many insights. We will strive hard in implementing new ideas and ways to achieve EEE – Employee Engagement Excellence @ Kaar.”

What’s Next?

We keenly look forward to participate in the Great Place To Work survey next year and will put together all our efforts to be one of the top companies and one among the Great Places to Work. For achieving this, we are exercising OD interventions, with a complete HR focus on people, realigning our Processes & Policies and including more best practices,


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