Internet of Things – the next big Techno Dynamite

Synchronization has literally become synonymous to Omnipresence in the world of Information Technology. Simply put, it’s called the “Internet of Things.” Gone are the days when only data was digitally connected. With advancement of Science and Technology, physical objects can be tracked and traced too.

The earliest version of tracking things was known to people through IMEI [International Mobile Station Equipment Identity] tracking. This was done through GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication] technique. However today, data and objects have taken the next level of digitalization.

With the help of Radio Frequency Identification [RFID], objects can be digitalized in the form of Bar codes, Digital Watermarking, QR code [Quick Response Code]  etc.  This technology being widely helpful in equipment industry, has taken up the term Machine 2 Machine [M2M] Technology.

This new breakthrough has created an interesting channel of business, thereby creating better service options. With the help of M2M technology, a whole new world of well connected technology services such as vending machines, cars, connected homes and cities can be conjured. Without barricades such as regulatory hurdles, technical complexity etc, Internet of Things can lead towards several breakthrough innovations.


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