What’s the buzz about SAP HANA?

Guess the twin names in the world of technology!

‘Predictability’ and ‘Accuracy.’ With the overwhelming evolution of online businesses and their pinching dependency on data analytics, its data, data and data everywhere. Gone are the days when databases were in Gigabytes and Terabytes, now its Petabytes, Exabytes, Zettabytes and Yottabytes. Storing such data could be quite challenging, however the real challenge is in retrieving the right information from a magnificent pool of data. That’s where SAP HANA walks in.

Huge database is now part of every organization big or small & thin or fat, and the size of this data shoots sky high based on the nature of the organization. Since time plays a crucial role in every business, retrieving information at the blink of an eye has almost become a demand.

With SAP HANA, value based information can be retrieved from any information deluge, at real time speeds. Since data gets stored in the RAM instead of hard disks, information can be retrieved at high speeds without any delay. Instant decisions can be made and agile interpretations could be devised by receiving valuable information in the form of numbers, charts, text or statistics based on our preference. What’s more? SAP HANA can be accessed from anywhere, even from your mobile or I-pads too.

With SAP HANA, get your businesses empowered, while you are still on the go!


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