What is SAP Visual Intelligence? Will it help your business?

“A picture equals a thousand words” – Many don’t have the luxury of time to read big data, especially in a jumpy business environment. For all those fast paced business firms, who only find a few moments to catch the tail of data deluge, SAP has come up with just the right solution that aids in simplifying information – SAP Visual Intelligence.

Chalk up information in a visual format with details that digs deep to a micro level. SAP Visual Intelligence, now has the power to shrink all the important data to a pictorial representation and helps you create your own dashboard of graphs and visuals.

Targeted towards business analysts who are always on the go SAP Visual Intelligence helps in collating several data perspectives to a single visual. SAP Visual Intelligence works in both mobile as well as web environment via explorer.

Attach SAP VI info via email

Attach SAP VI info via email

Take control of your data, refine your content, strain your spreadsheets and create easy impressive pictorial graphs that can be saved on a local system and also be sent via email. Use your pictorial data for a presentation or share with colleagues during a meeting, or simply use the visual for deriving better conclusions with your daily business challenges. SAP Visual intelligence is designed mainly to help Business Pros, who need a quick data solution by presenting only the crux of a huge data collection.

SAP Visual Intelligence works best when used with SAP HANA and works efficiently for small, medium or large corporations alike. With SAP Visual Intelligence, individuals and businesses can now create data into an easy decipherable output, which facilitates informative discussions and faster decision making.


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