SAP Functional – Batch Specific Unit of Measure (BS – UOM)

Batch Specific Unit of Measure can be used in the scenario where the exact quantity of components cannot be defined. Also it can be used in the scenario where the Goods Issue and Goods Receipts are handled in both Units. (Base Unit of Measure and Batch Specific Unit of Measure). For example in the following scenarios it can be used:

  • Iron Rods / Plastic Pipes to be maintained in Length as well as KG (KG per Meter may get vary)
  • Ingredients management where there is a particular percentage of Raw material to be used in the manufacturing

I came across this scenario usage for finding a solution for the following issue. The Customers sends a Bundle (100 M) of Fabrics to the Sub Contractor where the Sub-Contractor prints the Fabrics and sends back to the Customer. The Sub- Contractor is charging the Printing cost based on the No Of Meters printed. The Issue here is the elongation where by the Bundle after printing it could be of 110 Meter.

In the Standard Sub-Contracting Process if we maintain the BOM we need to maintain the 1Bunle of Printed Fabrics with 100 Meter of fabrics. Here we can not specify the tolerance. Therefore I found the BS-UOM useful and though of sharing with you all. I have given below the steps for the above process.

Step 1: Define UOM Bundle in CUNI

Step 2: Define UOM for Batch Specific UOM in CUNI

Step 3: Define Calculation of Base Quantity from Proportion Quantity

Step 4: Create Characteristics

Step 5: Create Class and assign Characteristics

Step 6: Assign Class to the Material Master

Step7: Alternate UOM in Material Master

Step 8 BOM

Step 9: Create Schedule Agreement and Maintain Schedules

Step 10: Issue Fabrics to the Subcontractor

Step 11: MIGO (1 Bundle of Printed Fabrics = 108 Meter)

Step 12: MIGO (1 Bundle of Printed Fabrics = 110 Meter)

Step 13: Stock Overview

In the above two goods receipt you can notice that the raw material (Fabrics) consumed Qty remains same (50 Kg) even when the Printed Fabrics Qty varies.


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