Simple Activities For our Business(development) Success

Each business owner already knows that there are a lot of activities that demand time and attention. In order to be successful, we need to engage in business activities that can provide the biggest value for our time.

  • · Form your circle of influence – This is our team of supportive contacts with whom we can share ideas and receive constructive feedback. These individuals will be priceless for us.
  • · Develop strategic alliances – We are strongly encouraged to work with others who complement our services and have a desire to work with us. Our customers will also experience great benefits derived from forming alliances.
  • · Establish an exchange system – It could be a referral or bartering system. All parties agree upfront what will be exchanged. This system should be a win-win for all participants. Fairness and trust will ensure its success.
  • Develop a database for contact information – All contact information for customers, prospects, associates, vendors and others should be maintained in one database for quick access and updating.
  • · A solid brand position is rooted in a passionate commitment to the customer.  What do we believe about our industry, product or service? What possibilities are we creating for our customer? What’s our customer’s burning issue and in which ways our company solves it.
  • · Create a social media policy: It’s time to stop experimenting and start managing our social media strategy.
  • · Do Videos: We have a product and service that shines in demo mode, videos are an ideal and cost-effective marketing tool for us. We have corporate YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account; we will upload demos and live presentations for our prospects to find and customers to access.
  • · Productize Your Services: It’s much easier to understand and purchase something that looks like a product. Notice that even software downloads or e-books actually look like a tangible product so that people can have a sense of what they are purchasing. We are turning our service into a product by giving it a name, describing our process as a specification and then charging a flat rate instead. We’ll find that it’s easier to sell, easier to buy and more profitable for our business.
  • · Mobile Marketing: Globally twice as many people use text messaging than e-mail. Chances are our customers interact more with their PDA than they do with their computer. Mobile Marketing Programs allow our customer to contact us this way and request certain kinds of messages and updates from us. Mobile marketing is currently a wide open space. We are going to use it to market to hard-to-reach customers.
  • · Referral system: We are running a referral program that includes regular meetings with people who agree to enthusiastically refer us. We are putting our focus on attracting “Centers of Influence” and “trusted advisers” who will refer us to their clients and customers. It’s like having a free Salesforce!
  • · Start a blog – it is a simple website technology to start and master. Why a blog? Because they’re easy to create, because they’re easy to update, because they encourage repeat visits, and because we can use them in many flexible ways.

We are already engaged in most of the above business activities that can provide the biggest value for our time. Let’s us blog, discuss and share more to make the best of social media marketing.


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